We Are Converting Our Undergraduate Programs From Quarters to Semesters

The College of Professional Studies undergraduate programs will operate on a semester academic calendar in fall 2016. This means, instead of three 12-week academic terms (fall, winter, and spring), we will hold two 15-week academic terms (fall and spring) within the same time period. We will continue to offer summer courses.

By shifting from quarters to semesters, you, our undergraduate students, will benefit from: 

  • A more seamless credit transfer process;
  • The opportunity to cover course content in increasing depth; and
  • A more predictable course schedule.

A vast majority of undergraduate colleges and universities already follow a semester calendar. Our transition is intended to create a more straightforward path to graduation, as well as alleviate any credit transfer problems for future students. This change will not increase your time to degree.

Our undergraduate courses will switch to semesters immediately after Labor Day 2016. Prepare now for the change to semesters with the help of your academic advisor.

Advisors will work with you to outline your degree progress, determine necessary next steps, and answer any questions you might have regarding our switch from quarters to semesters. Each student will be required to connect with his or her advisor one-on-one to discuss ongoing coursework and develop a transition plan.

To make an appointment with your Academic Advisor:

        1. Follow this link and log in using your myNEU credentials.
        2. Choose "College of Professional Studies" from the "Find a Calendar" dropdown menu.
        3. Click on the name of your advisor.
        4. Select an appointment date and time.

 Find a full list of advisors here.

If you have any questions, we have set up a special email address for you to use: CPS-semester@neu.edu. We look forward to making this transition with you!

Note: Only the College of Professional Studies undergraduate programs are converting to semesters. Graduate programs will remain on the quarter system.