Master of Science Technical Communication Online

This online Master’s in Technical Communication program is designed to improve your technical communication skills and show you how to apply them in a variety of settings. Like its on-campus counterpart, the online degree program prepares you for a rewarding career as a technical writer, editor, tool expert, or technical trainer. It also lets you choose between specializations in writing for the biomedical or computer industries. And the online format offers ongoing interaction with faculty and fellow students as well as greater flexibility for candidates with professional and family commitments.

The online Master’s in Technical Communication is designed to help students grasp the most important concepts and skills required for success as a technical writer. These include:

  • Becoming adept at organizing, creating, and writing technical communications
  • Understanding key presentation principles, including how to use visuals to organize and deliver content
  • Mastering the different levels of editing, from manuscript development to technical and copy editing
  • Learning how to tailor a technical presentation to a specific audience
  • Evaluating differences in prose style and determining how they should be used
  • Understanding legal, ethical, and cultural issues pertaining to technical communication
  • Learning how to create end-user and developer documentation
  • Strengthening the interviewing skills needed to effectively obtain technical information

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