Please note: Students who started this program prior to Fall 2017 should follow the curriculum reflected on their DegreeWorks audits via the self-service tab of their myNEU portal.  Please consult your advisor with any questions.

Required Courses (21 q.h.)

LDR 6100 Developing Your Leadership Capability 3 q.h.
LDR 6135 The Ethical Leader  3 q.h.
LDR 6405 Sport in Society* 3 q.h.
LDR 6410 Leadership and Organization in Sport 3 q.h.
LDR 6430 Sports Law 3 q.h.
LDR 6441 Sports Media Relations* 3 q.h.

*Summer institute course; only available on campus in Boston. Winter Institute course available on campus in Charlotte, N.C.

Choose one of the following courses (should be taken as last course and requires faculty adviser approval):

LDR 6961 Internship 3 q.h.
LDR 6980 Capstone 3 q.h.

Elective Courses (6 q.h.)

Choose two of the following courses:

CMN 6015 Introduction to the Digital Era: The Power of Social Media 3 q.h.
LDR 6443 Ticket Sales and Strategies 3 q.h.
LDR 6470 Bystander Strategies for the Prevention of Gender-Based Violence  3 q.h. 
INT 6943 Integrated Experiential Learning 3 q.h.

Concentrations (18 q.h.)

Complete all the courses from one of the following concentrations:

Professional Sports Administration 
LDR 6323 Event Management 3 q.h.
LDR 6400 Sports Management 3 q.h.
LDR 6435 Fiscal Practices in Sport  3 q.h. 
LDR 6440 Sports Marketing and Promotions 3 q.h.
LDR 6445 Corporate Sponsorships  3 q.h. 
LDR 6460  Risk Management in Athletics  3 q.h. 

Collegiate Athletics Administration
LDR 6400 Sports Management 3 q.h.
LDR 6427 Gender and Diversity in Sport 3 q.h.
LDR 6442 Athletic Fundraising  3 q.h. 
LDR 6455 NCAA Compliance 3 q.h.
LDR 6465 Title IX  3 q.h. 
LDR 6615  Academic Advising for Student Athletes   3 q.h.


Required minimum credit hours: 45 q.h.

Tuition rates, all fees, rules and regulations, courses, and course content are subject to revision by the president and the Board of Trustees at any time.

Quick Info

  • 45 Quarter Hours
  • $29,070.00 total tuition
    (Based on 2016-2017 tuition rate)
  • Full-time years to completion: 1 year
    Part-time years to completion: 2 years