Master of Science Respiratory Care Leadership Online

Please note: Students who started this program prior to Fall 2017 should follow the curriculum reflected on their DegreeWorks audits via the self-service tab of their myNEU portal.  Please consult your advisor with any questions.

Required Respiratory Care Courses (24 q.h.)

RPT 7200 Advanced Cardiopulmonary Physiology 3 q.h.
RPT 7205 The Evolving Roles of Respiratory Care Professionals 3 q.h.
RPT 7210 Research Design 4 q.h.
RPT 7215 Applied Research in Respiratory Care 3 q.h.
RPT 6970 Seminar 3 q.h.
RPT 7300 Development of Clinical Practice Guidelines and Respiratory Care Protocols   4 q.h. 
RPT 7302  Respiratory Therapist Education   4 q.h. 

Required Leadership Courses (6 q.h.)

Choose two of the following courses:

LDR 6100 Developing Your Leadership Capability 3 q.h.
LDR 6110 Leading Teams 3 q.h.
LDR 6135 Ethical Leadership 3 q.h.
LDR 6140 Strategic Leadership (should be taken as the last course) 3 q.h.

Concentrations (15-16 q.h.)

Adult and Organizational Learning Concentration (16 q.h.)

Choose four of the following courses:

EDU 6051 Culture, Power, Equity, and Influence 4 q.h.
EDU 6201 Landscape for Higher Education   4 q.h. 
EDU 6202 Faculty, Curriculum, Academic Community  4 q.h.  
EDU 6221 Enrollment, Retention, Graduation, Success   4 q.h. 
EDU 6319 How People Learn  4 q.h. 
EDU 6323  Technology as a Medium of Learning   4 q.h. 
EDU 6447  Demographics of Higher Education   4 q.h. 

Clinical Trial Design Concentration (16 q.h.)

Choose four of the following courses:

BTC 6210 Human Experimentation: Methodological Issues Fundamentals 4 q.h.
BTC 6211 Validation and Auditing of Clinical Trial Information 4 q.h.
BTC 6213 Clinical Trial Design Optimization and Problem Solving 4 q.h.
BTC 6260 The Business of Medicine and Biotechnology  4 q.h. 
RGA 6100  Introduction to Drug and Medical Device Regulation  4 q.h. 
RGA 6202  Medical Device Development: A Regulatory Overview  4 q.h. 
RGA 6205  Emerging Trends and Issues in the Medical Device Industry  4 q.h. 

Health Management Concentration (15 q.h.)

Choose five of the following courses:

HMG 6110 The Organization, Administration, Financing, and History of Health Care 3 q.h.
HMG 6120 Human Resource Management in Health Care 3 q.h.
HMG 6130 Healthcare Strategic Management 3 q.h.
HMG 6140 Principles of Population-Based Management 3 q.h.
HMG 6160 Healthcare Information Systems Management 3 q.h.
HMG 6170 Health Law, Politics, and Policy 3 q.h.
NPM 6120 Financial Management for Nonprofit Organizations  3 q.h. 
NPM 6125 Promoting Nonprofit Organizations 3 q.h. 
NPM 6130  Fund-Raising/Development for Nonprofit Organizations 3 q.h. 


Respiratory Specialty Practice Concentration (16 q.h.)

Required Courses
RPT 7400 Pulmonary Diseases and Disorders 4 q.h.
RPT 7401 Cardiopulmonary Assessment and Diagnostics 4 q.h. 
Elective Courses

Choose two of the following courses:

RPT 7402 Adult Critical Care 4 q.h.
RPT 7403 Neonatal and Pediatric Care 4 q.h. 
RPT 7404 Pulmonary Wellness Education and Coordination  4 q.h.
RPT 7405  Development of Patient Management Plans 4 q.h.

Required minimum credit hours: between 45-46 q.h. depending on the selected concentration

Quick Info

  • 45 Quarter Hours
  • $29,070.00 total tuition
    (Based on 2016-2017 tuition rate)
  • Full-time years to completion: 1 year
    Part-time years to completion: 2 years