Master of Legal Studies Online

Offered by

  • School of Law

Foundation Courses (6 s.h.)

Introduction to Legal Studies 1 3 s.h.
Introduction to Legal Studies 2 3 s.h.

Core Courses (15 s.h.)

The Law of Information and Records 3 s.h.
Law and Strategy 3 s.h.
Negotiation and Advocacy 3 s.h.
Regulation and Compliance 3 s.h.
Law and Organizational Management 3 s.h.

Electives (9 s.h.)

Complete three of the following courses:

Health Law Survey 3 s.h.
Healthcare Regulation and Compliance 3 s.h.
Patient Records, Privacy, and Security 3 s.h.
Intellectual Property Survey 3 s.h.
Special Topics: Employee Rights and Employer Obligations 3 s.h.
Anti-Discrimination Law 3 s.h.
Financial Transactions 3 s.h.
Regulation and Global Business Strategies 3 s.h.


Total Semester Hours: 30

Tuition rates, all fees, rules and regulations, courses, and course content are subject to revision by the president and the Board of Trustees at any time.

Quick Info

  • 30 Semester Hours
  • $28,350.00 total tuition
    (Based on 2016-2017 tuition rate)
  • Part-time years to completion: 1 1/2 years. Coursework as a part-time student within 10 terms, the equivalent of five semesters, or a year and a half.