Master of Science Information Assurance and Cyber Security Online

Information assurance and Cyber Security includes both IT and physical security for companies and government organizations. But this complex discipline requires more than just a detailed knowledge of computers, networks, and security technology. It also draws on an understanding of essential principles from psychology, criminology, law, and business.

To address all of these areas, the online Master's Degree Program in Information Assurance and Cyber Security takes an interdisciplinary approach that offers a range of unique benefits:

  • An emphasis on information technology as well as relevant knowledge from the social sciences, law, criminology, and management.
  • Practical, detailed instruction on how to assess and manage information security risks, and how to present recommendations to management.
  • Highly qualified faculty with many years of industry experience in Information Assurance and related fields.
  • The ability to customize your program with courses that meet your professional needs and career goals.
  • The flexibility and convenience of an online educational format that is ideal for working professionals.
  • The opportunity to complete your degree requirements in as few as four semesters as a full-time student.

An Online Approach to Information Assurance
Working entirely online, students learn how to use methods and tools to make strategic decisions about information security issues, including identity theft and other forms of electronic fraud, computer viruses, hacking attacks, and even cyber warfare.

Both the on-campus and the online MSIA programs allow students to take courses tailored to their individual backgrounds. Students with experience in the law, social sciences, or business can strengthen their technical skills, while those with backgrounds in information technology can increase their understanding of the “human factor” in security, and how it can be used to protect individuals, companies, and other organizations.

While all students learn about the key issues in information security, electives let individuals customize their program to meet their own professional goals and those of their employer. The required capstone project lets each student apply their knowledge and training by tackling a specific and current information security issue.

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