Master of Science Human Services Online

Required Courses (21 q.h.)

Complete all of the following courses:

HSV 6100  Theory and Practice of Human Services (required as the first course) 3 q.h.
HSV 6110 Human Service Management and Development 3 q.h
HSV 6120 Social Inequality, Social Change, and Community Building 3 q.h
HSV 6630 Research and Evaluation in Human Services 3 q.h
HSV 6640 Policy Issues in Human Services 3 q.h
HSV 6160 Introduction to Employee Assistance Programs 3 q.h
HSV 6980  Human Services Capstone Project (recommended as the last course) 3 q.h

Elective Courses (9 q.h.)

Choose three of the following courses:

NPM 6120 Financial Management for Nonprofit Organizations 3 q.h.
NPM 6130 Fund-Raising and Development for Nonprofit Organizations 3 q.h.
NPM 6140 Grant and Report Writing 3 q.h.
NPM 6150 Human Resources Management in Nonprofit Organizations 3 q.h.
CMN 6015 Introduction to the Digital Era: The Power of Social Media 3 q.h.
CMN 6080 Intercultural Communication 3 q.h.
INT 6943 Integrative Experiential Learning 3 q.h. 

Concentrations (15-16 q.h.)

Choose one of the following concentrations:

Global Studies Concentration 

GST 6100 Global Basics: Globalization and Global Politics and Economics 4 q.h.
GST 6101 Global Basics: Global Literacy, Culture, and Community 4 q.h.
GST 6320 Peace and Conflict 4 q.h.

Choose one of the following courses:

GST 6501 Regional Studies: East Asia 4 q.h.
GST 6502 Regional Studies: Middle East 4 q.h.
GST 6503 Regional Studies: Sub-Saharan Africa 4 q.h.
GST 6504 Regional Studies: Europe 4 q.h. 
GST 6505 Regional Studies: Southwest and Central Asia  4 q.h. 
GST 6506  Regional Studies: Latin America 4 q.h. 

Leadership Concentration

LDR 6100 Developing Your Leadership Capability (prerequisite) 3 q.h.
LDR 6110 Leading Teams 3 q.h.
LDR 6120 Creating Leadership Capacity: Developing Bench Strength 3 q.h.
LDR 6140 Developing the Strategic Leader (recommended as the last course) 3 q.h.

Choose one of the following courses:

LDR 6135 The Ethical Leader 3 q.h.
LDR 6125 Managing Organizational Culture 3 q.h.

Organizational Communication Concentration

CMN 6000/
INT 6000
Foundations of Organizational Communication/Writing Lab 3/1 q.h.
CMN 6020 Ethical Issues in Organizational Communication 3 q.h.
CMN 6050 Crisis Communication 3 q.h.
CMN 6090 Organizational Culture, Climate, and Communication 3 q.h.
CMN 6110 Group Dynamics and Interpersonal Conflict: Meeting Management 3 q.h.

Total Quarter Hours: 45-46

If you enrolled before Fall 2012, contact your student success specialist for your curriculum.

Quick Info

  • 45 Quarter Hours
  • $29,070.00 total tuition
    (Based on 2016-2017 tuition rate)
  • Full-time years to completion: 2 years
    Part-time years to completion: 3 years