Master of ScienceGlobal Studies and International Relations Online

Required Courses (24 q.h.)

Core Courses
Complete all of the following courses:

GST 6100 Globalization and Global Politics and Economics 4 q.h.
GST 6101 Global Literacy, Culture, and Community 4 q.h.
GST 6109 Basic Field Research Methods 4 q.h.
GST 6320 Peace and Conflict 4 q.h.

Area Studies
Complete one of the following courses:

GST 6501 Regional Studies: East Asia 4 q.h.
GST 6502 Regional Studies: Middle East 4 q.h.
GST 6503 Regional Studies: Sub-Saharan Africa 4 q.h.
GST 6504 Regional Studies: Europe 4 q.h.
GST 6505 Regional Studies: Southwest and Central Asia  4 q.h. 
GST 6506 Regional Studies: Latin America 4 q.h. 

Choose one of the following courses

GST 6920 Case Study in Global Studies 4 q.h.
GST 7990 Thesis
This course, which requires faculty approval, should be taken as the last course within the program.
4 q.h.
INT 6900 International Field Study Experience
Registration in INT 6900 requires co-registration in a 1 q.h. directed study (only for Global Studies students using this to satisfy capstone requirement). Global Studies students must also have completed GST 6109 in order to be eligible for registration in INT 6900.  INT 6900 will be offered in the Summer 2016 term. For more details, please visit our website:
4 q.h. 

Concentrations (20 q.h.)

Students are required to complete one of the following concentrations. Five courses are required, four of which must be from a single concentration. The fifth course can be from the student's chosen concentration, another Global Studies concentration course (from below), or an additional Area Studies course. 

Conflict Resolution

GST 6324 Divided Societies in the Modern World 4 q.h.
GST 6326 International Conflict and Cooperation 4 q.h.
GST 6327 Conflict and Post-Conflict Development 4 q.h.
GST 6300 Security and Terrorism 4 q.h.
GST 6360 Nuclear Nonproliferation 4 q.h. 
GST 6740 Human Rights 4 q.h. 

Development and Global Health

GST 6210  The Developers 4 q.h.
GST 6340 Poverty and Wealth 4 q.h.
GST 6350 Global Economics of Food and Agriculture 4 q.h.
GST 6610  Sustainable Development 4 q.h.
GST 6700  Global Health Perspectives, Politics, and Experiences in International Development 4 q.h.
GST 6710 Critical Issues and Challenges in the Practice of Global Health 4 q.h.



GST 6600 The Practice of Diplomacy 4 q.h.
GST 6540 Politics of the European Union 4 q.h.
GST 6550 U.S. Foreign Policy 4 q.h.
GST 6560 Multilateral Diplomacy  4 q.h. 
GST 6590 Public Diplomacy 4 q.h.
GST 6740 Human Rights 4 q.h.

International Economics and Consulting 

GST 6580 Opportunities in International Consulting 4 q.h.
GST 6102 Global Corporate and Social Responsibility 4 q.h.
GST 6200 The Funders 4 q.h.
GST 6220 Globalization of Emerging Economics 4 q.h.
GST 6310 Immigration and Labor 4 q.h.
GST 6340 Poverty and Wealth 4 q.h.
GST 6430 Leadership and Management 4 q.h. 


Global Student Mobility

GST 6810 International Higher Education 4 q.h.
GST 6820 Managing Study Abroad 4 q.h.
GST 6830 Managing International Students 4 q.h.
GST 6840 The Business of International Education 4 q.h.
GST 6850 Immigration and Legal Issues in International Higher Education 4 q.h.
GST 6410 Global Education in the Internet Age 4 q.h.


Electives (2-4 q.h.)

Students must take 2-4 q.h. of elective courses (either from the list below or from any of the courses listed above) to satisfy the 46 q.h. degree requirement.

GST 7983 Special Topics in Global Studies 2 q.h.
COP 6940 Personal and Career Development (enrollment into this course requires participation in the cooperative education program.) 4 q.h.
INT 6943 Integrated Experiential Learning 3 q.h.


Required minimum credit hours: between 46-48 q.h. depending on the selected concentration.


Global Studies and International Relations Learning Outcomes

Quick Info

  • 46 Quarter Hours
  • $30,544.00 total tuition
    (Based on 2016-2017 tuition rate)
  • Full-time years to completion: 2 years
    Part-time years to completion: 3 years