Master of Science Energy Systems

Our Master of Science in Energy Systems is an interdisciplinary program with a focus on the effective implementation of energy systems analysis and the integration of energy systems engineering technology with financial planning. The program’s core courses in engineering knowledge, business, and finance are enhanced by elective courses across the College of Engineering. Students gain the theoretical knowledge and leadership skills to participate in decision-making and policy planning of new and efficient energy systems in the global market. They are prepared to participate in energy and environmental markets and to contribute to and lead cross-functional teams.

Program Objectives:  

  • Effectively integrate energy system development over a broad spectrum of technologies
  • Formulate financial requirements for successful systems implementation
  • Apply fundamental principles in the global energy market
  • Analyze problems faced in energy generation and transmission
  • Propose clean energy considerations and challenges
  • Examine renewable options for consideration in a systems solution

This online degree program is designed primarily for engineering and technical business majors pursuing an industrial or public planning career. Students from other backgrounds are accepted on a case-by-case basis. All students are prepared for various potential careers in multiple energy fields, including renewable energy, alternative transportation, carbon management, emissions, building efficiency, and the power industry.

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