Master of Science Commerce and Economic Development Online

Created through a collaboration between Northeastern’s College of Professional Studies and College of Social Sciences and Humanities, this innovative, online Master of Science in Commerce and Economic Development degree program integrates studies in a variety of disciplines. Core courses cover the principles and applications of macroeconomics, statistics and measurement, and economic development, while electives let students examine topics such as international trade and commerce, the role of human capital, and cultural and legal issues.

Program Objectives:

  • Translate economic theories and principles into real-world competencies
  • Apply quantitative skills in the areas of economics, economic theory, policy analysis, and research
  • Learn how prices and output levels are set for industries or products
  • Use conceptual and mathematical tools to examine fluctuations in employment, prices, and economic growth
  • Develop the skills required for data collection, estimation, and results interpretation
  • Assess theories relating to economic growth, technological and structural changes, industrialization, factor proportions and prices, trade, population, and income distribution
  • Evaluate labor markets and the role of human capital
  • Consider how art, culture, and entertainment affect economic development
  • Analyze the impact of environmental resources on commerce and economic development

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