The Northeastern University Master of Education program gives students the opportunity to build a professional base of knowledge, to graduate with the competencies and skills necessary to advance in their careers, and to contribute to the educational needs of the 21st century.

Students begin with core courses where they develop a foundation of knowledge about education as an advanced field of study. This foundation lays the groundwork for students to examine education as a global-societal construct and to explore the array of educational experiences across a person's lifespan. The core courses establish a shared understanding that each concentration expands upon in concentration-specific courses.

Each concentration in the program prepares educators for a different professional path. Concentrations delve deeply into the landscape and recent developments in a given education sector: K-12 education (learning and instruction), higher education administration, special education, and instructional design. As learners move through the carefully sequenced courses in their concentrations, they gain professional competencies and also build a deeper understanding of the content and themselves as professionals.

Students in each concentration also develop ongoing learning e-portfolios that provide the space and opportunity to reflect on their growth and change over time, looking for connections across courses and refining their professional goals. Finally, the shared experience of the College of Professional Studies MEd culminates in a capstone experience that asks students to demonstrate mastery of content through a significant project adapted to the professional requirements of each concentration.