Master of Education

Learning and Instruction Online

Designed for a broad range of educators, this innovative online Master of Education in Learning and Instruction degree program provides an in-depth look at the critical issues transforming education today—from technology and distance learning to globalization and for-profit education. It also reviews the latest developments in teaching strategies and new approaches to student assessments and learning outcomes.

Like its on-campus counterpart, the online program allows students to focus on a specific area of study by selecting from degree specializations in math, science, English language learning, literacy, leadership, and technology. This personalized approach is complemented by the online format, which offers more flexible scheduling and expanded opportunities for interaction and collaboration with faculty and fellow students.

This specialized education degree delivers the knowledge and skills that will improve performance for a wide range of education professionals. Whether you are a classroom teacher or an administrator, or work in youth development, community education, early childhood learning, or a before- or after-care program, you will gain new perspectives and fresh strategies for meeting the needs of today’s students.

Key objectives of the online Master of Education with a specialization in learning and instruction include:

  • Examining the need for new educational models and the complexities surrounding them
  • Gaining a better understanding of the 21st century classroom—a heterogeneous community with a wide variety of student strengths, needs, and cultural experiences
  • Exploring the philosophical and theoretical foundations of K-12 curriculum development and instruction across multiple disciplines
  • Translating sound curriculum development theory and vision into advocacy and action
  • Understanding the influence and implications of technology in education
  • Examining and critiquing K-12 assessment strategies at the classroom, district, and state levels
  • Discovering the ways in which critical and creative thinking can improve learning and instruction
  • Evaluating the impact of globalization on various education systems
  • Applying principles and other instructional pedagogy to meet the needs of students in various settings

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