Master of Education Higher Education Administration Online

Total Quarter Hours: 45 q.h. 


Required Courses (9 q.h.)

Complete these courses in the following order during your first and second terms of study:

EDU 6050 Education as an Advanced Field of Study 5 q.h.
EDU 6051 Culture, Power, Equity, and Influence 4 q.h.


Required Concentration Courses (20 q.h.)

Complete the following three courses (12 q.h.):

EDU 6201   The Landscape of Higher Education  4 q.h.
EDU 6447 The Demographics of Higher Education 4 q.h.
EDU 6324 Competencies, Assessment, and Learning Analytics 4 q.h.

Complete one of the following courses (4 q.h.):

EDU 6221 Enrollment, Retention, Graduation, Success 4 q.h.
EDU 6202 Faculty, Curriculum, and Academic Community 4 q.h.
EDU 6203 Education Law, Policy, and Finance 4 q.h. 

Complete one of the following courses (4 q.h.):

EDU 6450 The Globalization of Education 4 q.h.
INT 6900 International Field Experience  4 q.h. 


Electives (12 q.h.)

Complete three elective courses from the following:

EDU 6319 How People Learn 4 q.h.
EDU 6332 Open Learning  4 q.h. 
EDU 6330 Digital Media Literacy 4 q.h. 
EDU 6558 Issues in Education 4 q.h. 
EDU 6321 Models for Learning Design 4 q.h. 
EDU 6333 Social Media and Beyond 4 q.h. 
EDU 6300 Introduction to Language and Linguistics  4 q.h. 
EDU 6534  Bilingualism, Second Language and Literacy Development  4 q.h. 

Capstone (4 q.h.)

Complete the following course in your last term:

EDU 6225 Capstone 4 q.h.

Required minimum credit hours: 45 q.h.