Graduate Certificate Higher Education Administration Online

Higher education in the United States is being reshaped by technology, competition, and other forces. Some recent trends and developments include:

  • The rapid growth of online education, which is creating new pedagogy and delivery models
  • European and Asian universities are ascending in quality, and becoming stronger competitors to American schools
  • Calls for universal access to higher education by the President and the Secretary of Education

To meet these challenges, as well as those posed by changing demographics, financial constraints, and legal and policy requirements,  higher education administrators must be increasingly sophisticated and knowledgeable.

The online Graduate Certificate in Higher Education Administration provides participants with a fundamental understanding of managerial concepts as well as the operational and strategic principles required for effective administration. This program is specifically designed for individuals seeking mid-to-senior level administrative careers, as well as those interested in transitioning  into academia from jobs in business or other organizations.

The online format offers a first-hand look at the way Internet-based education compares to traditional classroom-based learning—as well as the more flexible scheduling required by students with professional or family commitments.

The courses in this certificate program may be applied to the Master of Education in Higher Education Administration.

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