Graduate Certificate Health Management Online

Required Courses (12 q.h.)

HMG 6110 The Organization, Administration, Financing and History of Healthcare Delivery in the United States 3 q.h.
HMG 6120 Human Resource Management in Healthcare 3 q.h.
NPM 6120 Financial Management for Nonprofit Organizations 3 q.h.
HMG 6130 Healthcare Strategic Management 3 q.h.

Elective Courses* (6 q.h.) 

Select a minimum of six quarter hours from the following list:

NPM 6110 Legal and Governance Issues in Nonprofit Organizations 3 q.h.
NPM 6150 Human Resource Management in Nonprofit Organizations 3 q.h.
HMG 6140 Principles of Population-Based Management 3 q.h.
HMG 6150 Seminar in Health Services Research: Issues and Resources 2 q.h.
HMG 6160 Healthcare Information Systems Management 3 q.h.
HMG 6170 Health Law, Politics, and Policy 3 q.h.
HRM 6020 Strategic Recruitment, Training, and Performance Management 3 q.h.


Total Quarter Hours: 18