Graduate Certificate Global Student Mobility Online

The Graduate Certificate in Global Student Mobility offers an in-depth look at the dynamic field of international higher education for those wishing to administer programs for domestic and/or international students, faculty, and institutions. Students will receive a grounding in cross-cultural theories while also exploring the widening range of program types, methods of delivery, and the importance of experiential and service-learning exchanges. Courses explore U.S. government-sponsored programs, the role of NGOs dedicated to international academic exchanges, and the fast-growing world of third party providers. Taught by practitioners with real-world experience, students will have ample opportunity to review case studies illustrating both challenges and innovative practices in this essential and highly specialized area of higher education. 

The continual expansion of globalization has changed the landscape of higher education worldwide and fueled the demand for professionals with the skills and knowledge to enter this increasingly specialized field. The graduate certificate prepares students for employment in various sectors of the international education field including: 

  • Study abroad 
  • International student and scholar services 
  • International admissions and recruitment 
  • The development and administration of international study, work, and volunteer exchange
  • Student ESL and language programs
  • The complex range of U.S. government-sponsored international exchange programs such as Fulbright, Humphrey, Muskie, YES, and scores of others
  • NGOs supporting these exchanges such as IIE, Amideast, American Councils, and many others
  • Creating and administering exchange programs for working professionals outside of higher education, targeting religious, philanthropic, and thematic programs
  • Students can participate in interesting opportunities like this  Evening with Philip Altbach event


10 global student mobility students were invited to participate in NAFSA’s Ron Moffat seminar on  Peace and the Civil Society.

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