Northeastern University's Doctor of Education (EdD) program prepares today's educators with the advanced skills and knowledge they need to develop solutions to the various challenges their organizations face now and into the future.

Transforming the educational landscape is our mission. With our online curriculum, doctoral students the world over are able to pursue the issues they’re passionate about and effect meaningful change to their communities, without having to leave them.

As a Northeastern EdD student you will:

  • Become acquainted with online technology and videoconferencing tools
  • Use the reference librarians and electronic resources at Northeastern University Libraries
  • Learn American Psychological Association (APA) Style®
  • Work with your adviser to set realistic goals and timelines
  • Attend a proposal hearing and defense
  • Be prepared to work with faculty and fellow students to refine and develop your problem of practice, research questions, and research design
  • Have outside readers review your work before you send it to your adviser

While the majority of EdD courses are completed online, there is a face-to-face learning or “residency” requirement. Students attend one week of residency in their first year and one week in their second year during the summer in Boston.

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