Bachelor of Science Operations Technology

We have suspended new enrollments to the Bachelor of Science degree in Operations Technology and are no longer accepting applications for admission.

If you are a student enrolled in this program, our advising staff will work with you to complete all coursework.

If you’re a problem-solver who enjoys logistics, math, and technology, then pursuing a bachelor’s degree in operations technology could be the first step towards a stimulating and rewarding career.

The field of operations technology includes a range of processes and tools designed to enhance quality and reduce costs for businesses. This innovative online degree program trains students in all aspects of operations technology—from resource planning and inventory management to distribution and logistics. In addition to covering these core business functions, it also features courses in statistics, economics, operations management, purchasing, negotiations, IT, and logistics—all delivered online for maximum convenience, flexibility and interactivity.

The online Bachelor of Science program in Operations Technology degree program provides a solid foundation in liberal arts, technology, and business fundamentals. Successful student graduating from this program will possess valuable skills for improving organizational performance in many types of businesses, and be well positioned for careers in purchasing, logistics, inventory management, or operations.