The online Bachelor of Science in History degree program explores the impact that each historical period has had on later events and present-day life. It covers the entire scope of Western civilization, from the ancient and medieval eras through contemporary American history, with all lectures, assignments, and other coursework delivered via the Internet. The program concludes with a Senior Seminar Project involving historical research on a specific subject of interest.

In addition to teaching history itself, the program is designed to reveal the methods and techniques that go into researching and writing history. It also helps students to develop an aptitude for critical thinking—the ability to effectively conceptualize, research, and present key issues on any topic, historical or otherwise. This degree in history will leave successful graduates well-equipped to pursue a range of careers in education, academia, law, government, or with a cultural or historical organization.

We have suspended new enrollments to the Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts in History programs and are no longer accepting applications for admission.

If you are a student enrolled in this program, our advising staff will work with you to complete all coursework.