We have suspended new enrollments to the Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts in English programs and are no longer accepting applications for admission.

If you are a student enrolled in this program, our advising staff will work with you to complete all coursework.


Whether you’re considering a career in journalism, public relations, marketing, law, or business, you’ll benefit from the skills and values imparted by studying the English language and literary tradition. Courses in English, American, and western world literature will deepen your understanding of fiction, poetry, and other literary forms, while those covering expository and persuasive writing will improve your own ability to communicate clearly in words and speech.

The online Bachelor of Science in English degree program explores the history of English and American literature through six major courses. Other required courses cover world literature, expository writing, and Shakespeare. All courses feature lectures, assignments, tests, and other materials delivered through an online learning format, and students are encouraged to make the most of the continuous interaction and collaboration enabled by online learning.

In addition to writing extensively on topics of current interest, the program’s capstone senior seminar offers the opportunity to integrate your acquired knowledge and capabilities through a detailed research project.