Associate of Science Business Administration Online

We will be suspending new enrollments to our Associate in Science degree programs, with the last intake in spring 2013. If you plan to apply, please refer to our recommended application deadlines.

Learning the fundamental concepts and techniques of business administration has never been more adaptable or interactive than with this innovative online Associate of Science in Business Administration degree program.

By taking courses in economics, accounting, business law, organizational behavior, marketing, and financial management, you will gain a broad understanding of how businesses really work, and what factors determine their success or failure in the marketplace. You’ll also gain a sense for which industries hold the most promise, and which areas of specialization (such as finance, product development, or marketing) are most in demand. Once you’ve completed the program, you’ll have a clearer idea of your options for further study and be better prepared to focus on your professional goals.

Accelerated Program Option: Learn more about the  Online Fast-Track Associate of Science in Business Administration degree completion program. This accelerated 9 month program is designed for students transferring in previously earned undergraduate credits (40-48 credits).