Certified Faculty

Northeastern University employs high quality faculty—from industry professionals to leaders in research. Your online instructors will be among the top in their field.

To uphold the quality of our online courses, Northeastern University requires all online instructors complete a certification process, focusing on the utilization of online technology tools to successfully replicate typical campus-based course experiences in an online environment. All instructors maintain a strong presence in their courses; engaging students to participate on a daily basis and communicating with them in a timely manner.

Northeastern University's online courses also undergo a quality review process to ensure online learning technologies are focused on student success. The review process consists of several steps, including:

  1. Before the start of the term, professional instructional designers evaluate courses, confirming best practices for online learning are in use
  2. Several weeks into the term, quality reviews are conducted to verify that courses are intuitive and maintain a consistent look and feel, providing students with a streamlined approach for online study
  3. At mid-term and at the end of the term, anonymous surveys are distributed to students, soliciting feedback on the online learning experience, allowing Northeastern to fully understand the student experience and further enhance online teaching.

Northeastern is one of the only universities to certify the excellence of its online instruction through this course-by-course quality review process.