Services for International Students and Scholars

Undergraduate Students

International undergraduate students travel to Northeastern primarily with either an F-1 student visa or a J-1 student exchange visa, depending on how they are financing their studies. The F student visa is for international students in academic or short-term English language programs. Students enter the U.S. on a J student visa if they are participating in a specific government- or university-sponsored educational exchange program.


If you will travel to Northeastern with an F visa, please read the F student visa information.

If you will study as part of a government-, international organization-, or university- sponsored educational exchange program, please follow the J student visa information.

International undergraduate students admitted to the programs below should check the program link for specific application and visa processing information: American Classroom College of Professional Studies Global Pathways

For Admitted Students: As you prepare for your first semester in The Program, you will also need to start the U.S. visa process for your ultimate arrival in Boston in Spring semester. According to the U.S. Department of State, F-1 visas can be only issued 120 days in advance from the program start date. For those who are admitted to the program in Fall semester, your I-20 will be issued for Spring semester in accordance with your program start date in Boston. This means you can only get the F-1 visa as early as in September. While it is too early for any the participants to apply for the U.S. visa during summer, you can request the Form I-20 from Northeastern as soon as you confirm your enrollment. The admitted international students generally apply for the U.S. F-1 visa stamp while in the program or after the program ends, depending on the program duration and end date. Please see details of F-1 student visa and application process from this official government website. For those who are currently in F-1 visa status at U.S. high schools: Students participating in the program will not be eligible to your current SEVIS record from High school in Spring semester at Northeastern. Please avoid requesting your high school advisor to transfer your SEVIS record to Northeastern. In order for you to enroll at Northeastern in Spring semester, you will need to obtain a new Form I-20 with a new SEVIS ID number as well as a new F-1 visa stamp associated with the new SEVIS ID number.