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Letter of Invitation

According to the U.S. Department of State, letters of invitation are neither required nor useful in helping someone apply for a B class visitor visa to come to the United States. In accordance with this guidance, the Office of Global Services is not able to issue letters of invitation on behalf of our students or alumni. While we do not issue letters of invitation ourselves, we do provide recommendations that may assist your friends or family in obtaining a visitor visa to the U.S.

To begin, please have your family/friends consult the U.S. Department of State for details on applying for a visitor visa.

To facilitate the process of applying for a visitor visa, you may write your own letter of invitation based on the template provided on page 2 of this document.

If you write your own letter, is it recommended that you also include the following:

  • An Enrollment Verification Form from the university. Please refer to the Office of the Registrar for details.
  • A photocopy of your most recent I-20 or DS-2019 as evidence of your current immigration status in the U.S.

U.S. law requires that an applicant for any visa type overcome “the presumption of immigrant intent” in order to be approved.


What this means is that an individual who is applying for a visa must demonstrate that they have strong ties (through employment, family, education, property, etc.) to their home nation and intend to return there, rather than demonstrate an urge to immigrate permanently to the United States.


You can find a sample invitation letter here.

Scenario One: Wrong link

First you should try testing a different link to ensure that you have myOGS access.

Try testing your access with this link:

If you can see this screen, then it means that you have access but might not have the right link. Browse the Forms & Guides page of the OGS website to find the correct form.

Scenario Two: Internal Server Error

You can access your e-form but when you click submit, you get an unexpected error and you cannot submit your e-form.

  • It could be because your document is too large. You will need to convert your document to PDF format with Adobe Reader 7.0 or older, upload your document and resubmit your e-form. You can test your document using this test e-form:

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Scenario Three

If the link and document upload is not the problem, you may fall in one of the following three categories:

  • Incoming Students

If you cannot log in two days after receiving your acceptance letter and activating your myNortheastern account, then contact our office.

  • OPT/STEM students

Follow the steps on this link: (husky email link

  • Terminated, Transfer Out, or Returning from a Leave from more than 5 months

Follow the steps on this link: (limited access link

Scenario Four

If none of these scenarios work for you please send us an email explaining your situation. For example, “I am a new student trying to submit an I-20 request for the CPS program” and detailed explanation on the steps you are taking, for example; “I click on the link and I get the error”, or “I get the error after I click submit”.. Send us the link you are trying to use and a screenshot of the error.

Deferred Inspection is part of Customs and Border Protection otherwise known as CBP. These sites provide assistance to individuals at the time of entry of after their entry if an immediate decision was not able to be made. Typically, this is where F-1 or J-1 students go when they need to get an I-94 correction or a passport entry stamp.

What is an electronic arrival record/I-94?

U.S. Customs and Border Protection inspects all foreign national students, scholars, dependents and visitors to the U.S. arriving at an air, land or sea border and grants admission to the U.S. in an appropriate immigration classification status (including F-1, J-1, etc). Admission to the U.S. in a specific immigration status is documented via an entry stamp in the passport as well as an
electronic or paper I-94 arrival record. Electronic I-94 records can be downloaded and printed at:

Occasionally when entering the U.S., errors may occur on the passport stamp notation, electronic I-94 record, or paper I-94 card. These errors must be corrected to ensure that the status of the student, scholar, dependent or visitor is documented properly and that immigration benefits (such as permission to study or work) are correctly applied.

How can I correct my I-94 record?

There are two ways to correct an I-94 card/record or a passport stamp notation. If you need immediate assistance or if the error was made on your paper I-94 card or passport stamp, then you must go in person to the Deferred Inspection Office. However, if your passport notation is correct and the error was made to your electronic I-94 record, then you may be able to resolve this matter by e-mail.

Going in Person to the CBP Deferred Inspection Office

To correct an I-94 card/record or passport stamp in person, go to Logan International Airport –Terminal E and look for the Customs and Border Protection Office.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection                                                                                                       Hours: Monday – Friday
Terminal E, Room 500 (Lower Level)                                                                                                         8:00 am to 4:00 pm*
Logan International Airport                                                                                                                                617-568-1810
Boston, MA 02128

*Make sure to check the CBP website for any changes in business hours

Take all of your original immigration documentation with you to this office and explain why you believe there is an error on your I-94 card, I-94 electronic record, or passport admission stamp, and ask for their assistance in having the error corrected.

If you are seeking correction to the I-94 card/record, or passport stamp of your dependent spouse or child, then your dependent must accompany you to the Deferred Inspection Office. Your dependent must take all of their original immigration documents with them.

Requesting an I-94 Correction by E-mail

Please note, corrections to a paper I-94 card or passport stamp can only be done in person. Going to the CBP Deferred Inspection Office is also advisable for time-sensitive situations, as e-mail requests are handled only after all in-person cases are resolved.

However, if your passport admission stamp is correct, and there is an error on your I-94 electronic record, you may be eligible to request a correction of your electronic I-94 via e-mail by contacting:

To request a correction to your I-94 electronic record, send a clear e-mail request to Boston CBP explaining the situation and the correction that is being requested. You will receive a notification telling you that your correction has been made.

Sample email can be found here

If you are not able to access an E-form request, you will need to use the following instructions to request a temporary pin and log in access to My OGS.

STEP 1 Click the following link to be directed to the Login to myOGS – Limited Services Webpage

STEP 2 Request a limited access pin by clicking E-mail me my Limited Access PIN

STEP 3 Input your University Identification Number (NUID) and click Submit

STEP 4 Retrieve your Limited Access Pin from your email, if you do not receive the pin number via email, then contact our office so we can add your personal email. 

STEP 5 Click MyOGS Homepage to be redirected the Login to myOGS – Limited Services Webpage

STEP 6 Input your University Identification Number (NUID), Date of Birth and Limited Access PIN.

STEP 7 Click Login

STEP 8 Select the E-form you need to access in the top left drop down menu and Submit Request

If you need any assistance with this process please contact the Office of Global Services at or 617-373-2310

If you have graduated and are on OPT or STEM, to access your Husky email please follow the steps below:

Go to and log in with your student username and password

The log in screen should look like this:

If you have an issue accessing the Husky email, please go over the possible scenarios.

Scenario 1: I got an error message

Error message 1:

In some cases, you may receive the following error if you have an active session under your Northeastern account. Please log out and close your browser and open the above link again.

Error message 2

If you receive this error message, your student email accound has been deleted or never existed. If this is the case, please contact Alumni Relations at 617-373-2656 to have a new account set up.

Scenario 2: I forgot my username

Go to the login page:

Click on “Forgot Your Username?”

Fill in the required fields

  • If you have two degrees from Northeastern, the primary class year is your undergraduate degree year.
  • What you enter into these fields must appear as we have it on file. Therefore, if you receive an error message stating that the information you entered does not match what we have, please contact Alumni Relations at (617) 373- 2656.
  • The system should then display your username.

Scenario 3: I forgot my password

Go to this link:

Type in your username, leave the password blank and then click on “Forgot Your Password?”

 You will then be asked to provide the answer to your security/ authentication question and have the chance to reset your password.

Please note that all answers to authentication questions must be two words. For example- Q: What is your mother’s maiden name? A: Jane Smith OR Q: What was your first street name? A: Allen Road.

If you receive an error message that says there are no authentication questions set up for your account please send an email to requesting a temporary password.

Please include

  • First name
  • Last name
  • NUID
  • Year of graduation
  • Date of birth

Once you have changed your password, please log out and close your browser. Then you can access your email here 

After this you can then test your MyOGS electronic form by using this link: