COVID-19 Update

In response to COVID-19, the Ocean Genome Legacy Center is currently operating remotely. While we are able to respond to inquiries, material requests cannot be fully processed until we return to normal business operations.

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Steps to Request

University, organization, etc.
Colleague, social media, etc.
Please search the catalog above for your specimen of interest and copy and paste the desired specimen ID(s) and scientific name(s) above.
This information will help us determine if our samples will meet the needs of your project.

Upon receipt of this form, we will check our database to confirm the samples are available and get back to you within two business days. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Please contact with your wish list and we will try to find samples for you through our network of collaborators and sources.

Sample & Shipping Costs

  • OGL is a nonprofit biorepository. The prices we charge for products and services offset some of the costs we incur.
  • We charge $31 per DNA sample and $23 per tissue sample, plus shipping charges.
  • Please contact us with your request to further discuss cost details.

Citing & Communicating Publications

  • For all publications concerning associated data or materials distributed by OGL, an appropriate citation must be made of the material and/or data source.
How to Cite OGL in Publications

Whether tissue, genomic DNA, tissue products, or associated data, an appropriate citation must be made of the material and/or data source.

The proper format for such reference citation is:
Accession ID OGL-#####. The Ocean Genome Legacy Center. Northeastern University. Published on the web at

Let Us Know When You Publish Work

OGL requests that all researchers citing OGL, OGL materials, and/or OGL data in their publications inform OGL of such publications and citations by sending an e-mail to with the relevant information. This will help OGL measure the effective utilization of our biorepository, and will allow us to direct other researchers to your work.

Alternative Requesting Option

  • Our services and samples are also available on Science Exchange.