3rd Annual Nahant Coastal Bioblitz


Thank you to all who participated in the Third Annual Nahant Coastal Bioblitz on September 10, 2017. We had over 120 participants from 18 cities, and together we made over 600 observations of coastal biodiversity! These observations will help scientists understand how the biodiversity of Nahant changes over time.

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What’s a Bioblitz?

A Bioblitz is a scientific scavenger hunt for marine biodiversity. Citizen scientists of all ages can participate! While you’re exploring Nahant’s beaches, you’ll try to record and identify all the marine life that you can find. We provide the buckets, datasheets, and field guides– you bring your curiosity! Then bring your bucket of treasures to the Northeastern University Marine Science Center to find out how you did and share your results!

By surveying Nahant’s marine life, you help scientists understand how Nahant’s biodiversity could be changing over time. If marine species appear on or disappear from the beach “neighborhood,” it could disrupt the ecosystem and harm fishing, swimming, recreation, and the many ecosystem services we depend on. These changes can happen very gradually, so Bioblitzers might be some of the first people to notice!

You also help us learn how Nahant’s biodiversity compares to other beaches in the past, present, and future. For example, climate change is affecting the world’s oceans, and we want to know what this means for Nahant and the Boston area. Scientists, local officials, and concerned citizens can use biodiversity information to make informed decisions and protect marine life.