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We at Ocean Genome Legacy are dedicated to providing the best genomic data available to our users. We strive to follow current Best Practices in acquiring and maintaining our collection of biological specimens. We adhere strictly to all relevant permitting for collection by region and species. We maintain accurate, detailed records of the specimens we receive, preserve them using state-of-the-art techniques, and perform rigorous quality control on all extractions.

In order to help assure the quality, accuracy and compliance of our collection, we ask that depositors read and adhere to our policies and practices.

General Collection Policy

Material Transfer Agreement

Authorship Policy

Please be sure to include copies of all relevant permits with your deposit.

OGL Sample Collecting Protocol

Sample Information Spreadsheet

Deposit Form

Reference Citations
For all publications concerning materials (or data derived from materials) distributed by Ocean Genome Legacy (OGL), whether tissue, genomic DNA, tissue products or associated data, an appropriate citation must be made of the material and/or data source. The proper format for such reference citation is:

“OGL Accession ID number [xxxxxx]. Ocean Genome Legacy Database, The Ocean Genome Legacy Center of New England Biolabs, Northeastern University. Published on the web at: https://www.northeastern.edu/ogl/catalog.”

Communication of Citations
OGL requests that all researchers citing OGL and/or OGL materials and/or OGL data in their publications inform OGL of such publications and citations by sending an e-mail with the relevant information through our Information Request form. This will help OGL measure the effective utilization of our biorepository, and will allow us to direct other researchers to your work.

Ocean Genome Legacy maintains a local copy of the FDA Reference Standard Sequence Library for Seafood Identification (RSSL). For more information about the FDA RSSL, please see the FDA’s documentation. This file is provided by OGL as a courtesy. OGL is not responsible for the accuracy of its content.

FDA RSSL from September 2018 (.xlsx file)