On September 1, 2020 over 60,000 students will move into Boston’s neighborhoods. Some of you will be moving in, while others will be moving out, creating a very busy day of transition. Traffic can be difficult during this time; review the information below to make your experience as trouble-free as possible.

  • Boston Police will be directing traffic in Mission Hill and Fenway and some streets will have restricted parking. Avoid bringing large trucks.
  • Volunteers will be on hand to provide parking permits, maps, general information, and to answer any questions.
  • All vehicles will have ONE hour to load and unload. Overflow lots are available in each neighborhood.
  • Be mindful of neighbors. Not everyone on the street may be moving. Many neighbors are permanent residents with young children and full-time jobs. Do not cross through yards. Keep activity noise level low and properly dispose of your trash. Do not block fire hydrants with trash or furniture.
  • Introduce yourself to neighbors and share contact information so you can communicate during the year.
  • If moving out of an apartment, be sure to read your lease for specific move-out instructions. This may effect the security deposit you receive back.



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 Is Your Apartment Up to Code?

Your apartment must meet minimum requirements. Review Boston’s required standards in the video below.