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Northeastern University parking information

Resident parking permit information, City of Boston


MBTA – Public Transit

charlie card

Fall 2020 Discount T-Passes are on Sale Now! CLICK HERE.

Receive 11%! Unlimited rides all semester! 

Follow these steps to purchase a pass for Fall 2020!

  1.  1. Log into myNortheastern.
  2.  2. Click on the Services & Links tab.  In the search bar type “NUPay.”
  3.  3. Select “NUPay Basket.
  4.  4. Click “Continue Shopping.” The MBTA passes are listed under “Other Payments.”
  5.  5. Scroll down and select pass type (Link Pass, Bus Pass or Commuter Rail Pass)

Click here for prices and types of passes  

If you miss the semester discount deadline, you may purchases monthly passes directly from the MBTA at or at Ruggles Station via a kiosk. Consider purchasing a monthly pass if you are taking the T for co-op or regularly to get to class. A LINK pass gives you unlimited rides on bus/subway. Note: Student passes are not available during the summer months. Purchase passes directly from the MBTA or on campus at Ruggles Station. If you are only taking the T sporadically, we recommend loading money on to a Charlie Card to pay for each ride as it costs less than a paper ticket or paying cash-on-board.


Bike Routes and Info

Rideshare Services

A great option for finding a quick ride using your smartphone. Review BPD Rideshare Safety Tips.

Car Rental Services


Flight Planner this is a great resource for determining the best air routes in less time.

Websites and apps to find cheap tickets:

Regional Buses


Regional Trains