Plan Ahead

  • – Provide 30 days’ notice to your landlord in writing if your lease is month-to-month.
  • – Check lease for move out date and specifications.
  • – Conduct a joint inspection with your landlord to determine if any damage occurred and ensure your security deposit will be returned. Consult the Apartment Condition Checklist you completed when moving in.
  • – Provide your forwarding address for your security deposit. Security deposits must be returned within 30 days after your lease ends.
  • – Schedule movers and make a storage plan if needed.
  • – Notify your cable company and electric/gas company about your move out date.
  • – Complete a Change of Address form with the post office so your mail does not get lost.
  • – Determine move in date and time of your new apartment.
  • – Read Northeastern #NUmoveinSept1 tips on social media (@NUoffcampus)!

During Your Move

  • – Follow trash and recycling guidelines. Download the Boston Trash App or review the City of Boston guidelines.
  • – Report issues to City of Boston by dialing 3-1-1. You may also report issues via BOS:311 app or tweet @BOS311 for assistance.
  • – Avoid moving things you don’t need. It’s time consuming and physically demanding. Donate or sell items in good condition.
  • – Once you move all of your belongings out, take photos of all rooms, including walls and floors, as evidence against any damage claims. A landlord may deduct money from your security deposit for damage beyond ‘normal wear and tear,’ unpaid rent, or if you leave garbage or items behind (excessive cleaning).

Get Your Security Deposit Back

Security Deposit

Contact Off Campus Student Services for advice!

Click here for information about security deposits.