Looking for an apartment? Wondering what neighborhood to live in? Looking for a roommate? We can help you answer these questions and navigate the process of moving off-campus and all the decisions that come with your off-campus living experience. Use these steps as your guide.

Watch our quick Apartment Search video for tips & tricks!



STEP 1: Ask yourself the following questions:

STEP 2: Find an Apartment

STEP 3: Understand Your Lease

  • Do not sign a lease until you have fully read and understood it.
  • Make sure all important information is included in the lease.
  • Have and Off Campus Housing and Support Services Lease Genius read your lease for you!
  • If you do not agree to the clauses in the lease, ask for revisions or do not sign it and find another apartment.
  • Get a copy of the lease after you sign it for your records.


STEP 4: Prepare for Your Move

Download these PDFs and use them while you are looking for an apartment:

  Apartment Hunting Checklist

Housing Code Checklist

Apartment Condition Checklist

Lease Genius Checklist

Roommate Selection Worksheet

City of Boston – Guide to Renting

Good Practices by Realtors

good neighbor handbook