Looking for an apartment? Wondering what neighborhood to live in? Looking for a roommate? We can help you answer these questions and navigate the process of moving off-campus and all the decisions that come with your off-campus living experience. Use these steps as your guide.

Watch our quick Apartment Search video for tips & tricks!



STEP 1: Ask yourself the following questions:

STEP 2: Find an Apartment

STEP 3: Understand Your Lease

  • Do not sign a lease until you have fully read and understood it.
  • Make sure all important information is included in the lease.
  • Have and Off Campus Housing and Support Services Lease Genius read your lease for you!
  • If you do not agree to the clauses in the lease, ask for revisions or do not sign it and find another apartment.
  • Get a copy of the lease after you sign it for your records.


STEP 4: Prepare for Your Move


Save the date: Apartment Fair is February, 5th 2020.

Apartment Fair is your opportunity to meet realtors in person and find a good fit. See new listings, set up appointments for showings, find out what should be (and should not be) on your lease, avoid common pitfalls, find out which fees are illegal, and learn the steps in the apartment search.


Download these PDFs and use them while you are looking for an apartment:



are you a lease genius

City of Boston – Guide to Renting


Good Practices by Realtors

       good practices

good neighbor handbook