Community Ambassadors are Northeastern students who live off-campus in the local neighborhoods near campus! They work for Off Campus Student Services and help you with tenant issues and will review your lease as a part of the Lease Genius program. CAs are involved in their neighborhoods and can help you connect to your community. CAs can answer any questions you may have about off-campus living. They also run programs about tenants’ rights and responsibilities, how to get started planning your move off campus, and making a positive contribution to your neighborhood. Community Ambassadors are your resource, so contact them at any time at



Makenna Cherry
Class of 2020
Major: Political Science
Favorite part of living off campus: My favorite part of living off campus is the lack of restrictions so I can decorate my own place. I like customizing every aspect of my apartment and make it feel more like home.


Carol Gao
Class of 2019/2020
Major: Pharmacy
Favorite part of living off campus: : I enjoy having a space away from the school campus to call my own, and being able to raise my cats in my own home. I also enjoy the morning walks to school, especially in the autumn weather!


Parker Lack
Class of 2019
Major: Mathematics
Favorite part of living off campus: Living off campus gave me the opportunity to customize and decorate my apartment exactly as I want it without the restrictions in place in dorms. I love that I was able to create an environment that really felt like my home.


Cara McNeff
Class of 2020
Major: Nursing
Favorite part of living off campus: Living off campus has truly opened my eyes to all the exciting things that Boston has to offer. Since living off campus, I’ve found that I’m much more independent and eager to discover new places and find new ways to give back to the larger Boston community.


Ana Paniagua
Graduate Student, Class of 2019
Concentration: Analytics
Favorite part of living off campus: Living off campus allows students to have a real-world experience. As we are responsible for paying our bills, cooking, attending classes, etc. I think that it is very important to learn how to balance adulthood responsibilities sooner rather than than later. Without any doubt, it is an enriching experience and the best part is that you get to create your own rules to have a good living environment.


Emma Pendll-Robinson
Class of 2019
Major: Political Science and Economics Combined Major                                                                                                Favorite part of living off campus: Living Off Campus allows me to be closer to and build stronger bonds with the Boston community.


Sweta Swaminathan
Graduate Student, Class of 2019
Concentration: Pharmacology
Favorite part of living off campus: The opportunity to lead an independent life and meet different people in the neighborhood. I also love going for long walks along the Charles River and lounging around in the Japanese Garden at the MFA.