Community Ambassadors are Northeastern students who live off-campus in the local neighborhoods near campus! They work for Off Campus Student Services and help you with tenant issues and will review your lease as a part of the Lease Genius program. CAs are involved in their neighborhoods and can help you connect to your community. CAs can answer any questions you may have about off-campus living. They also run programs about tenants’ rights and responsibilities, how to get started planning your move off campus, and making a positive contribution to your neighborhood. Community Ambassadors are your resource, so contact them at any time at


2017-2018 Community Ambassadors

Emma Galeucia
Class of 2020
Major: Environmental Science & Marine Biology
Favorite part of living off campus: Having my own space with roommates where I can feel independent and more a part of the whole city-living experience. I love having my own kitchen and having a space off campus to hangout and relax.









Kait Gallant
Class of 2019
Major: Pharmacy
Favorite part of living off campus: I like feeling like a Boston resident, and not just a temporary student here. It gives me the freedom to make my apartment really feel like a home.


Carol Gao
Class of 2020
Major: Pharmacy
Favorite part of living off campus:


Emily Huang
Class of 2019
Major: Physical Therapy
Favorite part of living off campus: Living off campus has given me the opportunity to create my own cozy refuge from school. I’ve developed important life skills and learned to become more independent. Living among the rest of the city has made me feel more comfortable exploring other Boston neighborhoods.









Maddie Ives
Class of 2018
Major: Finance & Journalism
Favorite part of living off campus: My favorite part of living off campus is that I get an entire space to personalize and call my own, rather than just a portion of a bedroom. I also like how independent living off campus has made me, and all the neighbors I have met along the way.

Riley Kusnick
Class of 2018
Major: Sociology & Philosophy
Favorite part of living off campus: I love living off-campus because I get to be a part of my neighborhood, and connect with the larger Boston community. It allows me to meet non-NU and non-college friends. Plus, it’s always good to have space away from school.


Tiffany Moy
Class of 2019
Major: Pharmacy
Favorite part of living off campus: I love being able to live in a place that I can truly call my home- It feels like my own little piece of Boston.


Sunny Rodriguez
Graduate Student, graduating in 2019
Field of Study: Project Management
Favorite part of living off campus: Living off campus will make you fall in love with yourself because it will make you realize that you’re a student forever  and learning everyday. It teaches responsibility, patience, allows you to discover and explore your inherent talents, makes you fall in love with life. You will learn about people, surroundings, culture and living off campus helps you build adaptability and develop resilience. And above all, living off campus will make you fall in love with Boston and become a Bostonian!


Justin Tran
Class of 2018 (entering PlusOne program)

Major: Criminal Justice (Minor: Sociology)

Favorite part of living off campus: I really enjoy getting to know a community outside of campus. I’ve befriended people at my favorite late-night pizza joint, helped neighbors moving in and out, and just experienced being a Bostonian living in my first very own cozy apartment.


Here’s how:

1. Read the job description here and learn more about what they do here!

2. Attend a CA Spring 2018 Info Session (March 2018 dates TBD).

3. Submit an application.

4. Questions? Email