Community Ambassadors are Northeastern students who live off-campus in the local neighborhoods near campus! They work for Off Campus Student Services and help you with tenant issues and will review your lease as a part of the Lease Genius program. CAs are involved in their neighborhoods and can help you connect to your community. CAs can answer any questions you may have about off-campus living. They also run programs about tenants’ rights and responsibilities, how to get started planning your move off campus, and making a positive contribution to your neighborhood. Community Ambassadors are your resource, so contact them at any time at


Introducing our 2019-2020 Community Ambassadors!

Sophia Alegria
Class of 2021
Major: Nursing
Favorite part of living off campus: I love being able to live in an area with so much action, while still being close to campus. There’s so much around me- restaurants, stores, and best of all…Fenway Park!


Rachael Biega
Class of 2022
Major: Physical Therapy
Favorite part of living off campus: The opportunity to engage in a community outside of Northeastern University’s immediate campus, to not only live as a student in Boston, but as a resident of Boston. Living off campus develops many professional, interpersonal and life skills I am now grateful to have. From sometimes flustering situations like fixing leaks, to more exciting adventures like decorating an apartment or hosting brunches with your neighbors, I found I can truly call my apartment a home away from home!”


Serena DiLiberti
Class of 2020
Major: Chemistry
Favorite part of living off campus: My favorite part of living off campus is having the freedom to bring more than 3 friends over to my apartment and not have to sign them in. I can also decorate my apartment however I want!


Michelle Faulkner
Class of 2020
Major: Journalism
Favorite part of living off campus: My favorite part about living off campus is the fact that I can embrace my living space and make it my own. I also have more opportunities to discover new places in Boston and to be immersed in new communities.


Ashwin Nair
Graduate Student, Class of 2020
Concentration: Analytics
Favorite part of living off campus: Having a place you call home has a liberating feeling to it. I love mixing and exploring different cultures and learning something every day, which is easy if you live off-campus in Boston. It’s a closed knit community it is amazing to be a part of that.

Candace Reyes
Class of 2021
Major: Politics, Philosophy and Economics
Favorite part of living off campus: Feeling independent and free. It also made me feel like I have a place in the city of Boston and not just at college at Northeastern, I was able to create a life that wasn’t solely based on Northeastern and college.

Christina Tsiobikas
Class of 2021
Major: Cell and Molecular Biology
Favorite part of living off campus: Being able to have a place that is completely your own and being able to decorate everything to make it more home-like.

Matt Witkowsky
Class of 2020
Major: Chemical Engineering
Favorite part of living off campus: Living off campus gives me the opportunity to experience an entirely new neighborhood. I can meet new people and explore restaurants and parks I’ve never seen before.

Kristie Wong
Class of 2020
Major: Computer Science and Business
Favorite part of living off campus: I love all the new responsibilities and independence. I was so proud of myself for apartment hunting, building my own IKEA furniture, etc. Adulting is exciting!