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Steve Durant, long time player and an inspiration to the Huskies on whats important in life and rugby

“Dr. Stephen Durant, 59, laughs about it now, but for most people, having your eye accidentally gouged in a rugby game is not funny.

“I’m literally in the blood and the mud, praying, ‘Dear Jesus, I’m in trouble,’ ” said Durant, recalling the incident last October that ended his rugby career.

Once he was rushed to the emergency room, a resident took a peek at the bloody mess where his left eye was and fainted right on top of him.

“In my best Irish accent, on the worst day of my life, I looked over at Brian [his son and teammate], and said, ‘That inspires a lot of effin confidence, doesn’t it?’ ” said Durant.

Durant, a Massachusetts General Hospital clinical psychologist and co-director of the Paces Institute at MGH for sports psychology, loves rugby almost as much as life itself…”


For the full article written by the Boston Globe’s Stan Grossfeld, please click here to go to the Boston Globe

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