Player Profile: Aaron Reich

May 26, 2014

Name: Aaron Reich

Nickname: Loko

Age: 23

Height: 6′

Weight: 180

Position: Scrumhalf/Center

My Favorite Thing about Rugby: I enjoy the fast paced nature of the game and the team first mentality. A team with one great player playing by himself will never beat a team full of good players playing together.

How I Got Into Rugby:¬†Towards the end of my first semester freshman year I got bored of just going to the gym and needed an extracurricular activity. I knew about rugby from a friend back home whose family was from NZ and thought I’d give it a try (no pun intended). Needless to say I went to about two practices, and after playing in my first scrimmage I was hooked.

My Favorite Athlete: Conrad Smith (outside center for the All Blacks) and Patrick Kane (owner of the sauciest mullet in the States).

Favorite Food: In-N-Out Burger

Favorite Movie: Inglorious Basterds

An Interesting Fact About Myself: The story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is loosely based on my five year college career.

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