Northeastern 42 – Boston College 33

Northeastern were first on the board after #15 Nicholas Hudson scored a breakaway try down the sideline (NU 5-0 BC). The kick was taken by #9 Darren Chan and converted (NU 7-0 BC). Ten minutes later, another try for Northeastern as #11 Niall Carlson broke into space down the sideline beating multiple players before scoring(NU 12-0 BC). The kick was calmly taken by #9 Darren Chan and converted (NU 14-0 BC). Boston College scored their first try of the night at the half way mark with the kick converted by BC (NU 14-7 BC). BC scored another try before halftime putting pressure on Northeastern tying the match (NU 14-14 BC). BC drew first blood in the second half taking their first lead of the evening. Northeastern regained momentum and begin to push back on BC after #13 Matthew Urrea scored an excellent try by maneuvering through an exposed gap in the BC defensive line (NU 19-21 BC). The kick by #9 Darren Chan was taken and converted (NU 21-21 BC). Soon after there was another try for Northeastern #13 Matthew Urrea as he once again took advantage of an exposed gap in the BC defensive line and broke through unchallenged (NU 28-21 BC). Northeastern continued to build on the momentum and scored another try as #1 Brett Bragaw ran down a BC defender to get into the try zone (NU 33-21 BC). The kick was easily converted by #9 Darren Chan (NU 35-21 BC). Northeastern then looked like they were running away with the game as #12 Jack Bambrick made an excellent breakaway down the center after evading numerous BC players and scored the 4th Northeastern try of the half (NU 40-21 BC). #9 Darren Chan once again took the kick and once again converted (NU 42-21 BC). For the remainder of the game BC pushed on to try and come back but could not overcome the deficit, the match ended Northeastern 42 – Boston College 33.

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