Bruce A. Wallin Memorial Rugby Endowment

On December 29th, 2011 FONUR and the NU Rugby community lost one of our dearest friends and academic advisors, Professor Bruce Wallin. Professor Wallin was a champion both on and off the pitch. He was a tremendous individual who made a lifetime of giving both academic knowledge and life-long personal and professional encouragement to anyone that was blessed to know him.

In January of 2012, the Friends of Northeastern Rugby Organization (FONUR) renamed the newly establish NURFC Endowment fund to the Bruce A. Walling Memorial Fund, in honor of Professor Wallin.

“After consulting with Bruce’s family, we felt this was not only appropriate, but the very least that we could do for a man that gave so much of himself to our organization”, says J.P. Bonin, FONUR Board Member. “Bruce truly appreciated and admired the way the sport created life-long friendships, and bridged world-wide associations just by being a part of a rugby club. He was a friend and mentor, an advocate and diplomat. He will be sorely missed.”

What is the Bruce Wallin Men’s Rugby Endowed Account (‘endowment’) and why is it important?

For many years FONUR has sought to establish an endowment for the men’s rugby program. Developing an endowment is a component of FONUR’s founding mission statement. The meeting with the athletic director last spring can be looked at as the genesis of the current endowment project.

As with most large institutions money provides influence at Northeastern. Well run and funded program are treated differently by athletics and the university. No other athletic program is endowed at this time – this will distinguish us from all other sports, club or varsity. The endowment language allows for some or all of the money to be put towards a field project in the future at FONUR’s discretion.

An endowment is a critical component of Maddog rugby’s continued growth. This secures our legacy and Maddog rugby’s continued growth.

The endowment will provide influence at Northeastern, funding, and demonstrate rugby’s commitment to our goals of growing within the university. For a host of reasons that are explained later, the rugby establishment supports the elevation of rugby’s status within athletics. In addition, the endowment will prepare the program to achieve two (2) primary goals: standard and predictable field time, particularly in the spring semester and consistent funding.

Currently, a FONUR development committee consisting of Eric Graham, Jon Hagan, George Johnson, and JP Bonin are heading the FONUR and Maddog Rugby Fundraising Campaign this includes kicking-off the endowment and continuing to fund the FONUR Operational and Coaching account.

The endowment will provide:

  • Monetary support for the program.
  • Ensure rugby has a seat at the table when the field project commences or another field opportunity arises.
  • Elevate rugby significantly within the university.
  • The ultimate goal of this project is for the rugby endowment to grow to over $5 million allowing Maddog rugby to become the primary donor – we build a rugby field complex!

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