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How hard would you play today if you knew you couldn’t play tomorrow?


Rugby ..... More Than a Sport

Our coaches are tasked to work within the NU Athletic Departments – Coach as an Educator Model. They teach skills, develop 3 panels of rugby players, and provide game strategy. In addition they provide leadership development through example and teaching to the team, captains and NURFC executive board.

As rugby has grown at NU we have become a large organization that is multifaceted and quite professional in many ways, thus we need to insure professionalism within our coaching ranks working within the philosophies of the university.

Eddie Tubridy

Head Coach

Eddie Tubridy has been the head coach for NU Rugby since 2014. Prior to this he ……

In 2015 he won the ECRC Coach of the Year Award, well deserved recognition for Coach Eddie’s hard work and determination in just his second year of coaching the Maddogs.

Alexander Miccio

Forwards' Coach

Alex Miccio has

Bob Carroll

Backs' Coach

Bob Carroll has been ….