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Northeastern Maddog rugby sports a strong and vibrant alumni community. From the founding squad that took the run-down pitch dubbed the "Triangle of Death" in 1984, to the CRCs competing teams of the late 00's, the Maddogs have always represented themselves with a strong sense of toughness and pride on and off the field. This has carried over to continued support and integration with current club members. Each year the NURFC Alumni 1-2 Alumni Weekends to bring back the older players and traditions as well as cheer for the current Maddogs. 2019 saw the inaugural "Strock Memorial Alumni Tournament" which pitted mixed teams of alumni and players against each other in a touch rugby tournament within Northeastern's new state-of-the-art Carter Field.
Bruce A Wallin

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Friends of Northeastern University Rugby – “FONUR”
Established 1999

Friends of Northeastern University Rugby “FONUR” are committed to the advancement of the sport of rugby at Northeastern University. FONUR will function as a mediator, adviser, organizer, and fundraiser for the Northeastern rugby playing student body and alumni network.

Goals of FONUR are to promote a premier collegiate rugby program that competes on a national level annually, assist in providing coaching for the program, develop and maintain an inner-city youth rugby program within Boston, establish a monetary endowment for the benefit of Northeastern men’s rugby program and engage the Northeastern rugby alumni network.

FONUR will endeavor to promote and support the highest level of leadership, teamwork, character and professionalism that are requisite for life success of members of the society.

The FONUR Board of Directors are:
Chairman, Jon Hagan, ’97
George Johnson, ’82
Dave Wedge, ’99
Robert Casolaro “Polo” ’98
J.P. Bonin “Boone”, ’94
Ryan Naismith, ’10
Jed Hannon
James Bass
Javier Ibrerra
David Girad

On December 29th, 2011 FONUR and the NU Rugby community lost one of our dearest friends and academic advisors, Professor Bruce Wallin. Professor Wallin was a champion both on and off the pitch. He was a tremendous individual who made a lifetime of giving both academic knowledge and life-long personal and professional encouragement to anyone that was blessed to know him.

In January of 2012, the Friends of Northeastern Rugby Organization (FONUR) renamed the newly establish NURFC Endowment fund to the Bruce A. Walling Memorial Fund, in honor of Professor Wallin.

“After consulting with Bruce’s family, we felt this was not only appropriate, but the very least that we could do for a man that gave so much of himself to our organization”, says J.P. Bonin, FONUR Board Member. “Bruce truly appreciated and admired the way the sport created life-long friendships, and bridged world-wide associations just by being a part of a rugby club. He was a friend and mentor, an advocate and diplomat. He will be sorely missed.”