Friends of NU Rugby are committed to the advancement of the sport of Rugby at Northeastern University. FONUR will act as a mediator, advisor and motivator to the undergraduate student body, NURFC Alumni and Northeastern University staff, as well as be a provider of funding to the rugby club. The department is committed to excellence in offering inspiring athletic, educational, and personal development opportunities through its core values: leadership, critical thinking, the concept of “coach as educator”, appreciation of difference and community service.


The goal of our organization is to promote the highest level of participation, teamwork, character building and professionalism of the NU rugby clubs. To serve as a networking organization for NU alumni and friends, to establish an active social community, that will give back to the Boston community through the creation of an Endowment.

Additional Goals:

  • Further Northeastern University Rugby to compete on a national and international level
  • Compete and win a National Championship
  • Sustain operational excellence within the NU Athletics Department
  • Increase revenue and resources for student-athlete success
  • Create programs to promote athletic scholarships for high school and colligate rugby

Giving Back to NU and the Boston Community

In addition to supporting the current student athletes enrolled at NU, we recognize there is a need for giving back to our community. Therefore, a part of our mission is focused on building Boston youth athletic and mentor programs aimed at teaching the importance of education and physical fitness. As the cost of education continues to rise, our goal is to offer annual colligate scholarships to various Boston area inner youth that meet certain target criteria. Thank you for visiting our site and please consider signing up as a supporter of FONUR!


Jon Hagan, ’97, President
George Johnson, ‘82
J.P. “Boone” Bonin, ‘94
Rob “Polo” Casolaro, ‘98
David Wedge, ‘99
Mike “Heavy Metal” Gall, ‘06