Our Worthwhile Experience at NurseSharkTank

Caringly decided to participate in the NurseSharkTank, hosted on May 1, 2017, by Nurse Innovation & Entrepreneurship at the Northeastern University School of Nursing, because we wanted to showcase our product at a premier event that provides access to nursing expertise and investors.

Caringly is a software application that facilitates safe and efficient handoffs at shift change and provides real-time analytics about the effectiveness of handoffs between nurses. Nurses play an integral role in successful transitions of care at shift change in hospitals. Handoffs continue to be the focal point of vulnerabilities in communication errors during the transition of care.

Caringly captures, quantifies and qualifies in real-time the information exchanged at the time of handoff with special emphasis on enhancing the ability of the receiving nurse to process critical and contextual information about the patient. Caringly leverages Natural Language Processing to extract the most relevant information from electronic health records and flag it for a nurse.

We won the second prize at the NurseSharkTank and are the only exclusively nurse-focused product amongst the winners. The decision by a panel of 8 judges, that included four working nurses and 4 investors, validated not only the need for a product likeCaringly but also that Caringly has the potential to lessen the burden of medical errors arising from the communication failures at handoff.

The recognition by the judges at the NurseSharkTank has helped Caringly open multiple doors. It has strengthened our argument with nursing leadership at multiple hospitals that Caringly can streamline the workflow of handoff between bedside nurses in addition to help them perform handoffs in a very efficient and safe manner. The judges especially commended on the fact that the well documented step-by-step process of handoff, facilitated by Caringly, allows for real-time analytics into the effectiveness of information exchange across every handoff in a hospital.

Lastly, the award by at the NurseSharkTank opened doors with investors in Boston area. With the help of one of the investor judges, we are now in conversations with multiple angel investors to find funding for our nurse focused product.

We are very thankful for the opportunity to participate in the NurseSharkTank.

Vivek Kaliraman, CEO