Tim Simard


Tim Simard is an accomplished senior executive, entrepreneur, thought leader, and management consultant with more than 25 years of success across multiple industries with the past ten years in healthcare, pharmacy and technology strategy and operations. Currently, Tim is focused on digital transformation and innovation initiatives in healthcare, pharmacy and pharmaceutical sectors. He applies a systems approach with strategic and agile thinking of complex problems while leveraging selective best practices and innovation from other industry sectors. Most recently Tim was the CEO and founder for a leading edge virtual patient care Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) enterprise solution that won multiple $100B+ clients, including major pharmacy chain and Fortune 25 wholesale and distributor which sold in 2016. POET was recognized by Institute of Medicine as of one of fifty most innovative products in the U.S… POET was a customizable B2B2 platform for to enable personalized and coordinated patient care for multiple disease states and associated medication management consultations. Tim has built multi-disciplined and inspired teams with vision and commitment to drive global strategy, IT, new products and services, and transformation initiatives in pharmaceutical, technology, manufacturing, energy, aerospace, consumer products and education sectors. Clients have included industry leaders such as CVS Health, Cisco Systems, Exide Technologies, United Healthcare, Pitney Bowes and Lockheed Martin.

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