Hoda Sayed-Friel

Executive Vice President, MEDITECH

Hoda Sayed-Friel charts MEDITECH’s strategic direction—including overseeing the evolution of MEDITECH’s Electronic Health Record—and aligns it with Client Services to optimize the customer experience. Ms. Sayed-Friel was promoted to executive vice president in 2012 in recognition of her proven ability to create, coordinate, and communicate matters of strategy.

Ms. Sayed-Friel is also responsible for our implementation and customer service teams, as well as our business development—building strategic partnerships that provide value to the MEDITECH system. She leverages the collective expertise of the MEDITECH community to address the complex challenges healthcare organizations face today.

Recognizing the importance of including the healthcare provider’s perspective in systems design, Ms. Sayed-Friel has influenced the development and adoption of Advanced Clinical Systems. She has been actively involved in discussions with healthcare providers and consumers to promote care coordination, interoperability, and disease management, and highlighted the importance of using information systems to help promote wellness and improve outcomes.

Ms. Sayed-Friel is a leading advocate for the use of IT to improve the safety, quality, and efficiency of healthcare. She has spearheaded both national and local efforts to promote the widespread adoption of EHRs, consulting with national leaders on issues ranging from standards development to successful adoption strategies and serving on the Institute of Medicine’s workgroup for Genomics & EHR integration.

Ms. Sayed-Friel earned a Bachelor of Science from Northeastern University and before coming to MEDITECH, worked at New England Baptist Hospital. She has been with MEDITECH for over 25 years and is widely respected for her expertise in the development and implementation of interoperable healthcare delivery systems.

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