Alche-Me: A Hackathon Success Story

Here is a phenomenal blog submitted to us from Matthew Butler detailing the inception of his exciting venture and how he leveraged the Nurse Hackathon last June to stimulate its growth.

Here’s what he had to say:
 Matthew Butler and his team at the Nurse Hackon last june.

Matthew Butler and his team at the Nurse Hackon last june.

Growing up I spent a lot of time around nurses.

My family owned Bethel Health Care, a skilled nursing facility. I volunteered there as a kid, interned during college and worked there full-time for three years after college. It was the time I spent around those nurses that inspired my venture, Alche-Me.

Our caregivers were intent on treating patients with the highest quality of care and respect. They advocated that we offer a vast array of complimentary therapies and my family obliged. We sent nurses to be trained in Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, and Integrative Energy Therapy. We focused on nutrition, art therapy, music therapy, and offered Yoga and Tai Chi to patients and staff alike.

I was amazed at how these therapies and treatments greatly improved patients’ quality of life and overall wellness. Patients in great pain were afforded a sense of peace while a nurse gave them Reiki.

I decided then that this type of care needed to be brought to people far earlier in life.

After graduating Northeastern, I linked up with a great group there called Health Sciences Entrepreneurs .

They told me about an upcoming Nurse Hackathon on campus and I signed up immediately. By this time I felt confident that Alche-Me could be something special. I was lucky enough to be one of the teams selected to participate and, with the support of some amazing nurses and mentors, put together a pitch.

The chance to work alongside nurses to bring to life a nurse-inspired venture was an extraordinary experience.

We ended up coming in fourth with an honorable mention and I couldn’t have been more proud of the team.

Since the Hackathon, I have successfully completed two pilots with Alche-Me.

As I continue to develop Alche-Me, I often stop to remind myself the reason for these late nights and long weekends. It was the care I witnessed nurses providing patients at their worst that brought out the best in everyone. It’s an experience that transcends health and gets to the heart of life.

I know as long as that is at the center of Alche-Me, it will be great success.
-Matthew Butler MBA, Founder, Alche-Me

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