CPR Certification Classes

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If you are an RA, University staff member, or club looking to schedule a private
CPR class for your residents, department, or club, email nupd.cpr@northeastern.edu to request a class.

If you are an individual student or NU staff member looking to sign up for a CPR class, please visit www.nuems.org/CPR/. The NUEMS club is a Northeastern University, student-run organization that currently offers CPR classes to the NU community.

For any additional questions email nupd.cpr@northeastern.edu

The NUPD provides AHA approved CPR classes to the general Northeastern University community. These classes are limited to 12 participants per class and registration is granted on a first-come, first-serve basis. The registration fee for a CPR Certification class is $30.00. This fee covers the cost of a CPR Pocket Mask and an AHA CPR Certification Card. Please review the information below if you are interested in signing up for a CPR class and email nupd.cpr@neu.edu with any additional questions.