Safety Escort Services

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Personal Safety Escorts

  • Call 617.373.2121 to schedule an escort pick-up.
  • You will need to provide your name, NU ID number, and location
  • Escorts will usually arrive within 10-15 minutes
  • If your escort has not arrived after 15 minutes, please call again
  • Escorts are provided 24 hours a day from one point on campus to another

Special Night Time Off-Campus Escort Service – REDEYE

A special nighttime off campus safety escort, the “REDEYE“, is  provided from dusk to dawn for those students who reside within TWO MILES of the center of campus.

Every night from 7:00PM until 6:00AM, the “REDEYE” will pick students up at the Snell Library, and 1110 Comm. Ave. In order to use this escort service, students MUST book a ride in advance using the Transloc Rider App OR using the web portal if they have no access to a phone.

 Click HERE to download TransLoc Rider

 Watch the TransLoc Rider App Tutorial


  • The safety escort service is NOT intended to be a taxi service.
  • Transportation will not be provided to places of employment, restaurants, drinking establishments, laundromats, airports, bus terminals, etc.
  • Transportation will not be provided for those who are either intoxicated or students who display disruptive behavior.
  • Transportation will not be provided for students accompanied by pets or animals.