Emergency Medical Services

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In Case of a Medical Emergency on campus, call 617.373.3333 All full-time uniformed members of the NU Police Department are certified in CPR and trained in providing First Responder emergency medical care. In addition, most officers are certified Emergency Medical Technicians.

The NU Police Department works in close partnership with the University Health and Counseling Services, Boston Emergency Medical Services, and various area hospitals to provide on-scene assessment and treatment, emergency medical transportation, and follow-up services for those in need.

Many officers are certified cardiopulmonary resuscitation instructors who regularly present classes in CPR to student and employee groups. If you are interested in learning CPR contact us at 617.373.2696 for more information.

Northeastern University Police 617.373.2121
Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution 617.373.4390
University Health & Counseling 617.373.2772
Residential Life 617.373.4016
New England Baptist Urgent Care 617.754.5533
Beth Israel Deaconess Med. Ctr. 617.667.3337
Beth Israel Rape Crisis Intervention 617.667.4645
Boston Medical Center 617.534.4075
Brigham and Women’s Hospital 617.732.5636
Cambridge Health Alliance 617.665.1429
Massachusetts General Hospital 617.724.4129
Casa Myrna Vazquez 800.992.2600
Coalition for Battered Women 617.248.0922
Harbor Me 617.889.2111
Renewal House 617.566.6881
Respond 617.623.5900
Transition House 617.661.7203
Child at Risk Hotline 800.792.5200
CPASA (Community Program Against Sexual Assault) Servicing Women
Multi-cultural / Bilingual
Disabled Abuse Hotline 800.426.6300
Elder Abuse Hotline 800.922.2275
Fenway Community Health Center Servicing Gay Men and Women 617.267.0900
Greater Boston legal Services 617.623.5900
Network for Battered Lesbians 617.424.8611
Teen Dating Violence Intervention Projects 617.868.8328
Boston Area Rape Crisis Center 617.492.7273