We believe in visual theft deterrence. Often, thieves won’t steal what they can’t sell, so we believe that you should be pro-active and try to remove the incentive, on the thief’s part, to steal your property by removing or reducing its resale value.

Laptop & Electronic Device Registration 

NUPD offers students, staff and faculty FREE device registration services through STOP Theft. Devices include laptops, tablets, calculators, hard drives, and any other electronic devices you own. Your device serial number, model and details are recorded and sent to STOP Theft for import into their online asset registration database. Read more about STOP Theft on their website here: www.stoptheft.com

STOP Security Plates work by deterring opportunistic theft using a metal security plate OR a polycarbonate tag that affixes to your device using Very High Bond adhesive. The plate is extremely difficult to remove and it clearly marks your device as registered and monitored, which makes it an obvious liability for any would-be thief.

STOP Security Plates also include a chemically-bonded tattoo beneath, stating “Stolen Property” in case the plate is ever removed. The tattoo is almost impossible to remove without severely damaging the device and it completely eliminates illicit resale value.

You are able to legally transfer the ownership and registration details of your device to someone else if you decide to sell or donate your device later on.

Bike Registration 

NUPD offers students, staff and faculty, a FREE bicycle registration service. Your bicycle model, serial number and details are recorded then transferred into an online database that is managed by NUPD. A weatherproof registration sticker is also installed on the bike. These recorded details are essential in the recovery of stolen bicycles and the property registration acts as a deterrent to potential theft. 

To reduce the chance that your bike will be stolen, we strongly suggest that you use two locks; a cable lock and a U-shaped lock.

How to register your property:


Fill in and submit the appropriate online form here below


After submitting the form, contact NUPD's property registration office at 617-373-3940 to set up an appointment to come and get your security plates or registration stickers installed on your property, OR, find us at any property registration event on campus.

You can find information about upcoming property registration events on any of our social media platforms. Follow @northeasternpd on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Walk-In Registration Hours (Spring 2019):

Monday - Friday | 12pm - 4pm | NUPD Offices - 716 Columbus Avenue