Sexual Violence & Sexual Harassment

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Sexual Assaults are offenses classified as forcible or non-forcible sex offenses under the Uniform Crime Reporting System established by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and in compliance with the Violence Against Women Act.

Forcible Offenses

Forcible offenses are defined as rape, sodomy, sexual assault w/ object, and fondling.

Non Forcible Offenses

Non forcible offenses are defined as incidents of incest and statutory rape. Statutory rapes is defined as sexual assault of an individual under the age of 18.

Indecent Assault and Battery

Indecent assault and battery is defined as the intentional sexual touching of a man or woman’s private areas.

Consent is defined as a voluntary agreement to engage in sexual activity proposed by another and requires mutually understandable and communicated words and/or actions demonstrating agreement by both parties to participate in all sexual activities. Person who are unconscious, intoxicated, mentally impaired, or who are under the age of eighteen (18) do not have the ability to give consent.