Domestic & Dating Violence

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The Abuse Prevention Law, Massachusetts General Law, Chap. 209A, was enacted to help keep a victim from being abused. It applies to “family and household members.” Family members are defined as parents, siblings, or relationships by marriage. Household members are defined as roommates, or individuals living in the same residence. The law also protects parties who are in a substantial dating relationship with one another.

Process for Requesting an Abuse Prevention Order:

  • If you are being abused, contact the Northeastern University Police Department by dialing 617.373.2121
  • An officer will escort you to a local court and assist you in obtaining the Prevention Order.
  • If an order is issued by the courts, the police will serve the order to the abuser.
  • In normal circumstances, the case will be continued for 10 business days, at which time the defendant will have an opportunity give testimony.
  • After hearing testimony, the judge will either extend or vacate the order.

Process for Requesting a Harassment Order:

  • The Harassment Prevention Order, Massachusetts GeneralLaw 258E, fills a critical gap in the law to protect victims ofcriminal harassment, stalking, or sexual assault from being harassed repeatedly regardless of their relationship with the perpetrator. If you are a victim of harassment, contact the Northeastern University Police immediately for assistance or your local police where you live. To learn more, see the resources and links below.
If you need immediate protection from your abuser and are in imminent danger contact the Northeastern University Police immediately by dialing 617.373.3333 or if off-campus in Boston call 617.343.4911. If you are outside of Boston call 911. If a protection order is required after hours, the police will contact an on call judge and request an emergency restraining order be issued. That order is only valid unil the next business at a local court.
Violation of an Abuse Prevention Order is a crime. If your abuser violates the order call the police immediately.
  • Remember, leaving a violent relationship can be very difficult and dangerous.
  • Make sure you have a safety plan in place.
  • Know ahead of time a safe place you can go to in an emergency. The police will assist you
New England Baptist Urgent Care 617.754.5533
Beth Israel Deaconess Med. Ctr. 617.667.3337
Beth Israel Rape Crisis Intervention 617.667.4645
Boston Medical Center 617.534.4075
Brigham and Women’s Hospital 617.732.5636
Cambridge Health Alliance 617.665.1429
Haven at Massachusetts General Hospital 617.724.0054
Casa Myrna Vazquez 800.992.2600
Coalition for Battered Women 617.248.0922
Harbor COV 617.884.9909
Renewal House 617.566.6881
Respond 617.623.5900
Transition House 617.661.7203
Boston Police Emergency 617.343.4911
Child at Risk Hotline 800.792.5200
CPASA (Community Program Against Sexual Assault) Servicing Women – Multi-cultural / Bilingual 617.442.6300
Disabled Abuse Hotline 800.426.6300
Elder Abuse Hotline 800.922.2275
Fenway Community Health Center Servicing Gay Men and Women 617.267.0900
Greater Boston legal Services 617.623.5900
Network for Battered Lesbians 617.424.8611
Teen Dating Violence Intervention 617.868.8328