Domestic & Dating Violence

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The Abuse Prevention Law, Massachusetts General Law, Chap. 209A, was enacted to help keep a victim from being abused. It applies to “family and household members.” Family members are defined as parents, siblings, or relationships by marriage. Household members are defined as roommates, or individuals living in the same residence. The law also protects parties who are in a substantial dating relationship with one another.

Process for Requesting an Abuse Prevention Order:

  • If you are being abused, contact the Northeastern University Police Department by dialing 617.373.2121
  • An officer will escort you to a local court and assist you in obtaining the Prevention Order.
  • If an order is issued by the courts, the police will serve the order to the abuser.
  • In normal circumstances, the case will be continued for 10 business days, at which time the defendant will have an opportunity give testimony.
  • After hearing testimony, the judge will either extend or vacate the order.

Process for Requesting a Harassment Order:

  • The Harassment Prevention Order, Massachusetts GeneralLaw 258E, fills a critical gap in the law to protect victims ofcriminal harassment, stalking, or sexual assault from being harassed repeatedly regardless of their relationship with the perpetrator. If you are a victim of harassment, contact the Northeastern University Police immediately for assistance or your local police where you live. To learn more, see the resources and links below.