Patrol Sectors

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Members of the Police Department are assigned to specific areas to patrol throughout the campus, and are responsible to stay in constant contact with faculty, staff, and students to foster a good working relationship to reduce crime on campus.

Team 1 Areas of Responsibility

  • All Academic Buildings
  • West Village Sector
  • East Fens Residential Halls – Speare Hall, Stetson East, Stetson West, White Hall, Smith Hall, Kennedy Hall, Loftman Hall, Hillel House, Chinese American Center, Melvin Hall, Kerr Hall, Cahners Hall, Cushing Hall, 407 Huntington Avenue,  140 The Fenway, 142-148 Hemenway Street, 106-120 St. Stephen Street.

Team 2 Areas of Responsibility

  • Columbus South Sector – International Village, 1155 Tremont Street, 780 Columbus Avenue, 768 Columbus Avenue, 700 Columbus Avenue Davenport Commons A, 696 Columbus Avenue Davenport Commons B, 650 Columbus Avenue
  • West Village Sector   
  • Residential Facilities A,B,C, E, F, G, H